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Rangiora Engineering & Structures Ltd

Steel fabrication and erection. Machinery design and build. Engineering supplies sales.

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Welcome to Rangiora Engineering & Structures Ltd and
Rangiora Engineering Supplies.
Rangiora Engineering & Structures Ltd is a steel fabrication and erection company and also a machinery design and build service.  We have excellent Fitter and Turners on site that can do any lathe work required.  We have a pipe bending machine and a heavy press for any pressing, folding work plus numerous other machinery.
Project Capability

Heavy industrial plant structures
Large span portals >30m
Medium/small span portals
Large span truss work
Major tubular steel work
Architectural metalwork
Frames for machinery, supports for conveyors, ladders and catwalks
Small fabrications
Pedestrian bridges
Short span road or rail bridges <18m
Residential steelwork

Equipment and Services

Crane: Mobile <= 10t
Crane: mobile > 10t
Cranes: Overhead <= 5t per bay
Cutting Mechanical: Saw, Cropper, Guillotine
Section Rolling
Welding: Non-Ferrous
Welding: On-Site
Cold Cambering of Beams <620mm deep
Steel Erection
General Steel Detailing
Grit-blasting and architectural coatings
Intumescent coatings
Rangiora Engineering & Structures Ltd
Admin and Design / Structures
1 Ryans Place

Phone: 03 313 4491
Fax:      03 313 4491

For everyone's engineering supplies
The Rangiora Engineering Supplies shop has an excellent selection of fasteners: nuts, bolts, screws & washers. Our range covers imperial, metric & Whitworth.  We have a great range of
V-belts, bearings, tools, power tools,welding wire and electrodes, welding helmets, gloves and various welding accessories.   
We also stock various Cutting and Grinding discs etc.
O-Ring's and seals. A good selection of chain, and crank link connectors in American and British Standard sizes. Safety gear, zinc paint, lubricants, a range of Loctite & CRC products.
We stock a good common range of steel: RSA (Angle), FMS, EWS Square tube, Reinforcing round, MS Round, and Galvanised pipe.
Our trained, helpful, friendly staff are reading to assist you with your enquiries and needs.
Our shop goods are priced very competitively

See our TradeZone monthly caliper magazine for our regular specials.

Rangiora Engineering Supplies
Supplies shop:

Phone:  03 313 3425

326 Flaxton Road